Founded in 2007, Eco Bay Services Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured environmental  and insulation contractor located in San Francisco and serving the entire state of California.

We are a Local Business Enterprise (LBE), certified by the San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division.

Eco Bay specializes in hazardous materials remediation and demolition services, mechanical insulation and fire stopping.  We also perform coatings removal and shrink wrap.

Today, Eco Bay’s collective experience represents more than 100 years of completed projects with thousands of satisfied clients in the abatement, demolition and insulation industries. Our people have extensive experience in office buildings (Class A, B and C), commercial and industrial complexes, power plants, refineries, nuclear facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, schools and universities, as well as military and government facilities. The breadth and depth of experience that our staff will bring to your project is unparalleled, and includes some of the most challenging and complex projects in the industry.

At Eco Bay, we are committed to providing you with highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art procedures and practices for every project. Our demolition personnel are trained and experienced in hazardous materials removal and asbestos/lead/PCB abatement, and our insulators are among the best in the business. This combination of experienced project management and crews, high quality ANSI-approved equipment, and the industry’s most rigorous environmental, health and safety protection standards guarantees efficient and effective project completion, on schedule and within budget.

Your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, achieved by offering you rapid response, an unmatched level of service and integrity, the highest quality work, and competitive pricing.

We look forward to working with you on all your upcoming hazardous materials abatement, demolition, coatings removal and/or mechanical insulation projects.

Leadership team

Eco Bay Services was founded in 2007 by Trent Michels.  Prior to starting Eco Bay, Trent came up through the ranks in one of the largest demolition and abatement companies in the United States.  After 8 years in the field, 5 years as an estimator, and 5 more years as Operations Manager, Trent served from 2000 to 2007 as  Regional Manager for all Northern California operations for his previous company.  All told, Trent has been in the business for over 25 years.  Trent is experienced in all facets of the demolition and abatement industry from the ground up.  Trent’s industrial experience in the decommissioning of both fossil fuel and nuclear power plants has given Eco Bay a unique experience profile in those settings.   With his extensive experience in industrial, commercial, and government projects, as well as branch and regional management experience, Trent brings to Eco Bay a hands-on management style and a broad range of expertise.  Trent’s entrepreneurial spirit that launched Eco Bay continues to inspire the people who work for him.

Padraic Ryan joined forces with Trent at Eco Bay in 2010.  Padraic grew up in San Francisco and is immensely proud to have a business in the City where he was raised.  Padraic was introduced to the construction industry over 20 years ago, as a Union insulation apprentice in the oil refineries.  Padraic rose up from apprentice, to journeyman, to foreman, to general foreman, to superintendent, to estimator, to project manager, to his current role as Vice President and COO.  Padraic  has been integral in building and developing Eco Bay’s office personnel and  field operations and is most proud of the people who work for Eco Bay.  As he is fond of saying, “what makes Eco Bay special are the special people who work for Eco Bay.”  Padraic has extensive experience in large scale, high profile projects and buildings.  Padraic is fiercely committed to the broader Bay Area community and passionate about providing opportunities to people looking for careers in construction.

Mike Bellamy is Eco Bay’s Insulation Division Manager.  Literally born into the trade, Mike was schooled on insulation theory (that’s a real thing, btw) by his father and legendary insulation mechanic  Roger Bellamy. Roger taught insulation theory for the Union for 39 years.  By the time Mike joined the trade after high school, he had as much knowledge as most fourth year apprentices.  Mike has spent over 25  years working in all aspects of the insulation business.  Mike is passionate about passing on the best practices and techniques of his trade and also taught Insulation Theory,  Fourth Year Blueprint Reading, Metal Layout and Refrigeration at the Union Apprentice School for 7 years; as well as grading mechanical field tests for 9 years.  There is no one in the business who knows the material and the application techniques better than Mike.  Mike has surrounded himself with a Team that is singularly focused and driven to create the most respected, responsive and dynamic estimating and field operations teams in the industry. Their relentless pursuit of competence and consistency has earned our insulation division a significant presence in the market in very short order.

Eco Bay’s Estimating Team includes a talented group of estimator/project managers who bid and run their work from pre-construction to close out.  Each of our estimators understands that being awarded a bid is only the beginning of the process.  The “service” is not in pricing the work, but in performing the work.  We are proud to have on our Team:

Chris Davini (Abatement, Demo, Coatings Removal, Shrink Wrap)

Gregory Sadler (Abatement, Demo, Coatings Removal, Shrink Wrap)

Israr Hussain (Insulation, Acoustic Specialties, Fire-stopping)

Jeremy Vice (Insulation, Acoustic Specialties, Fire-stopping)

Noah Ortiz (Insulation, Acoustic Specialties, Fire-stopping)

Eco Bay’s Administrative Team is a collection of hard working and utterly competent people who support our estimators and field operations critically.  Our Admin Team consistently ensures that our protocols and systems keeps the figurative gears of our company machine oiled and functional.  We could not make this work without the diligence and spirit of:

Hector Borrayo

Gary Kuo

Dallin Rice

Lissette de la Rosa

Marie Hobson

Alberto Reyes

Cindy Montoya

Eco Bay’s Environmental Operations Team is simply the best in the business.  Our Operations leaders bring a level of integrity, commitment, expertise and experience, insight and intelligence that enable our salesmen to accept any challenge.  We often say that our Operations Team is also our best sales team as well.  Our Estimating Team can land a client, but it’s up to Operations to keep the client.  Invariably, they do.  Eco Bay gets countless emails and phone calls from satisfied and impressed clients.  Our Operations Team includes:

Gilberto Soto (Sr. Superintendent)

Matt Souza (Superintendent)

Ignacio Delgado (Superintendent)

Saul Bravo (Operations Coordinator)

Mauricio Parra (General Foreman)

Gustavo Delgado (General Foreman)

Jose Munoz (General Foreman)

Victor Sanchez (General Foreman)

The Insulation Operations Team was put together  to create a dynamic and mobile Team of talented installers.  Mechanical Insulation is all about coordination and scheduling.  Eco Bay understands the history of that challenge in our industry and have set up a unique structure to keep our insulation installation on time and responsive to the individual and often changing conditions on job sites.  Our Operations Team is led by:

Paul Abeyta (Sr. Superintendent)

Aiman Shishani (Superintendent)

At Eco Bay, Safety is more than a program.  We view Safety as a culture.  It is always our number one priority on our projects.  It is the reason we always capitalize the “S” of “Safety”.   Safety is truly the foundation of our business model.  From both a business aspect and a human perspective.  If, as we claim, our people are what makes us who we are, then our people need to be protected and given every available resource to keep our job sites safe.  We understand that the people who work for us are much more than the title they hold at work.  Their most important titles are mom/dad, brother/sister, uncle/aunt, friend.  We are committed to sending EVERYONE home in the same good shape they reported to work.  To do this, Eco Bay is proud to have Marie Hobson as our Safety Manager.

Marie has experience in EH&S Management Systems’ development, implementation, and administration; inclusive compliance auditing;  site-specific safety plans, policies/procedures; jobsite audits, safety inspection, and root cause identification.   Marie has worked in environmental hazardous materials remediation, petrochemical refineries, and general heavy construction industries. Critical to our workforce, both a Fed and Cal OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer, and NCCER Safety Site Supervisor, Global Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Construction Site Safety Technician and Technology, ARC 1st Aid/CPR/AED Certified.

Actively enrolled in day-to-day operations at jobsites, through pre-construction meetings, ongoing tailgate meetings, design of Site Specific EH&S Safety Plans and development/facilitation of Safety Orientation/Training, Marie uses her vast experience to help keep our people trained, certified and safe.

Eco Bay believes that Safety and production are never mutually exclusive.  In fact, they are symbiotic.  Safety is about having a plan and working with foresight and efficiency.  Those are the things that create maximum productivity.  Eco Bay is very fortunate to have Marie Hobson as our Safety Manager.  Marie is an incredible resource for our company and brings a unique skill set to manage the Safety Programs of all our divisions. Marie firmly believes in the motto; “See Something, Say Something, Save Someone.”