Eco Bay is a CMD-certified San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (LBE) located in the city’s 94107 zip code. As a proud member of the southern San Francisco community, we have worked hard to uphold and ELEVATE the LBE program and believe we have made the program proud. Having benefited from the LBE program, we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to reinvest in the community we are a part of, by affording employment opportunities, mentorship, and sponsorship to underserved individuals and programs that make up the unique and diverse village called San Francisco.

At Eco Bay, we believe in the adage that success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  Individually, and as a company, we work daily to BUILD the bridge between those two things.

By offering employment opportunities on construction projects and facilitating training and mentoring to motivated candidates, Eco Bay has seen lives positively impacted, and careers launched.

Eco Bay has distinguished itself as an exemplary contractor for the local hiring programs in San Francisco. Born and raised in the city, both of Eco Bay’s principals began as laborers, came up through the trade, and were afforded the opportunity to have careers in construction.  Their history is at the heart of our unique and unwavering commitment to providing outstanding opportunities to our community construction workers.

Eco Bay has a long history with all of San Francisco’s local hiring agencies including, but not limited to, CityBuild Academy, Mission Hiring Hall, Young Community Developers, ABU, and the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI) to help break down barriers of entry into the trades.  Eco Bay has logged hundreds of thousands of labor hours worked by San Francisco residents since the company’s inception. We’ve completed scores of projects in the city and have always met or exceeded our local hiring goals. Even as the pool of eligible, union workers in San Francisco dwindles, we’ve been able to accomplish this in partnership with CityBuild and other local hiring agencies.

Eco Bay has a unique mentoring program that has assisted us in going beyond just hiring SF residents by increasing the rate of retainage of those employees. As a result, many our best company leaders have come from the local hiring programs, rising through the ranks to become lead-men, foremen, safety officers, and even superintendent.

At Eco Bay our intent is not to fill quotas or meet goals, but to actually CREATE career opportunities for the men and women we hire from the local hiring programs.

The Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, have enjoyed a tremendous economic boom over the past five years. Eco Bay believes that contractors, the development community, and civic leaders have an obligation to share the benefits of that boom with the entire community and make every attempt to identify and support programs that are set up to serve those who are at risk of being left behind.