Trained and experienced crews at the ready!

Hazardous Materials Remediation is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week business.  In the many decades our leaders have been in this business, we’ve seen countless situations arise that require our immediate response.  Eco Bay is available for nearly any kind of Emergency Response our clients could have.  The reach of our Urgent Response Teams extends Statewide and are able to respond to a wide array of catastrophic events.

If you are in need of emergency response in Northern California, please reach out to the following contacts to get in touch with our Hazardous Materials Urgent Response Team:

  • Saul Bravo 415-470-3521
  • Gregory Sadler 510-812-3180
  • Gilberto Soto 415-504-5544
  • Matt Souza 415-610-1184

Sometimes our clients need an urgent response for non-emergencies.  Eco Bay applies our dynamic flexibility and central location to non-emergency, urgent needs as well.  If you have a project that needs faster attention than you are finding, give us a call.  For either abatement/demo or for insulation.

For our Insulation Urgent Response Team call:

  • Mike Bellamy 415-470-3123
  • Paul Abeyta 415-660-0327
  • Steve Rhodes 415-722-9425

We are confident one of our team members will be available.